Each individual is unique; therefore, assessments are customized to the individual's specific areas of need, Aline will sit with you to discuss what assessments are appropriate and together agree on a plan. Depending on the individual's specific needs, assessment results can help identify learning disabilities that may be impacting academic progress; measure an individual's potential for admission into gifted and talented programs; or help identify if the individual is eligible for a Section 504 plan. Below are some of the services that may be offered:


consultation services

Consultation with families is available to discuss individual cases.  As an experienced source outside of the school system, Aline can review existing assessments, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Section 504 plans, and help parents navigate through the Student Study Team (SST) process.           

full psychoeducational assessment / Independent educational evaluation (IEE)

A full psychoeducational assessment/IEE analyzes the problems your child is having related to learning and looks for reasons to explain those difficulties. The assessment typically includes some or all of the following:

  • In-depth review of family, developmental, medical, and educational history
  • Interviews with the child, parent(s), teacher(s), etc.
  • Observations during testing session(s) and in the child's academic environment (if permitted)
  • Administration of standardized assessments to measure various cognitive processing areas. Assessments will also yield an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score
  • Administration of standardized assessment to measure various academic skills
  • Rating scales to assess social behavior and/or adaptive skills if necessary
  • A detailed legally defensible report outlining findings and targeted recommendations
  • A final meeting to present test results

Adult assessments

Adult assessments are available and can be helpful in determining one's learning style. Based on assessment results, specific recommendations will be provided to help compensate for any identified areas of weakness. Such assessments may be helpful in determining if a Section 504 plan is needed to ensure that accommodations and modifications are put in place during college enrollment or when taking college board entry exams such as the SAT, GRE, GMAT or other exams.   

Autism assessments

Autism assessments are typically conducted when parents express concerns with their child's communication skills along with deficits in social interactions. The autism assessment includes all or most of the procedures listed under the "Full Psychoeducational Assessment/IEE." In addition, it also typically includes:

  • Interviews with parents to complete autism rating scales that measure characteristics associated with an autism spectrum disorder
  • Observations across multiple settings as permitted
  • Administration of a diagnostic assessment, such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2), to accurately assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorders across age, developmental level and language skills         

Brief IQ assessment for gifted students

A brief IQ assessment can help determine how well a child thinks, remembers, and solves problems. It is meant to provide families with their child's overall IQ score. This data is most often used for admission into private schools or programs such as GATE or MENSA